What are you waiting for?

Photo from Kidd Pivot’s The Tempest Replica and quote by George Balanchine along with a little of his history.

10 ways to incorporate the background into your photograph’s narrative

One of the things that differentiates a ‘snap’ from a professional-looking photograph is how the photographer deals with the background. This post discusses how awareness of your background can make your photographs better.

Why are you holding back?

Image from Yorke Dance Theatre’s Wordsworth and quote from George Balanchine with a little about the man.

5 pointers that help you with panning

Building on the previous how-to posts, this piece describes how to achieve successful panning shots

Changing about is fair play

Why I’m planning on increasing the types of thing I post on this blog

Learning to dance in the rain

“Life is like learning to dance in the rain….” A beautiful dance image and inspirational quote by Vivian Greene <a href="”> Read More…

What Settings Should Be Used for Motion Blur?

This post builds on the last two #togtips posts. It discusses how to achieve motion blur and gives a few practice questions

We should consider every day lost… A Nietsche quote and dance image

“We should consider every day lost on which ….” A beautiful dance image accompanied by a quote by Friedrich Nietzche<a href="”> Read More…

Getting The Light Right – understanding exposure

This builds on the last how-to post with a way of thinking and useful practice tool for getting to grips with how aperture, shutter speed and ISO can be combined to get the narrative you want.

Dancing is like bank robbery.. a Twyla Tharpe quote and dance image

“Dancing is like bank robbery….” A beautiful dance image and inspirational dance quote by Twyla Tharpe <a href="”> Read More…