7 things to consider before asking me for a free image

  I’ve written this post in response to the many people in the dance industry who have asked me for free images (3 of whom have done so, just in the last 3… Continue reading

Role Models, Race and Reason in Norway – please help

I need your help – your backing in terms of time – to research, photograph and write an important and positive piece on the life of some Norwegian minorities who, in the current… Continue reading

“The true measure of a person” #quote #MartinLutherKing #dance #image

I’ve been saving this image, of some of the young One Youth Dance performers congratulating Jo Shaw on another great production, because it says so much. The quote I’ve chosen to go with… Continue reading

Dance is a measured pace #dancequote #francisbacon #speech

Today the dance quote comes from Francis Bacon’s philosophical works of 1733. In ‘The Advancement of Learning’ as he discusses words, grammar and the way that words sound, Francis Bacon says; “yet in… Continue reading

To dance #dancequote #BethAJones #flamenco

The quote I’ve chosen today is very lyrical and by Beth Jones; “To dance is to reach for a word that doesn’t exist. To sing the heartsong of a thousand generations. To feel… Continue reading

Platforms, teachers and students #dancequote #swapnasundari #dance

Swapnasundari is an Indian dancer who specialises in Kuchipudi and Bharata Natyam as well as being a choreographer and singer. As well as creating the Koochipoodi Dance Centre in Delhi she has written… Continue reading

Dancing is Discovery: #Dance image and #quote by Martha Graham #dance

In a New York Times interview which was published 31st March 1985, Martha Graham said “Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery. I’ve chosen it as a quote to go with this shot of… Continue reading

Dona Ana Beach and a #quote from Fernando Pessoa

Last week we stopped off at a service station on the way back to the airport from the trip to the Algarve. I had taken this photo a few hours earlier. While there… Continue reading

Male dancers were a rare breed #twylatharp #dancequote #dance

Born in 1941 Twyla Tharp founded her own company when she was 23. She worked as Baryshnikov’s artistic associate at the American Ballet Theatre and after a while took a break. She returned… Continue reading

Children in Lagos, Algarve

Last week I went on a taster trip (actually press fam trip) of two Headwater holidays in the Algarve. One was trekking and the other cycling. I am processing the photos now, then… Continue reading

Fond of dancing as a step towards love #GBShaw #flamenco #dancequote #saying

The dance quote I chose for today, by Jane Austen is; “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” From Pride and Prejudince the phrase leads to hopes… Continue reading