7 things to consider before asking me for a free image

  I’ve written this post in response to the many people in the dance industry who have asked me for free images (3 of whom have done so, just in the last 3… Continue reading

dance image representing support on #wordymonday

I covered the One Youth Dance Pyjama Danceathon at Platform on Saturday. As always the young dancers were enthusiastic, skilled and inspiring in the way they dance, work together and support each other.… Continue reading

Focus your imagination – Mark Twain #Quote #Image #Dance

The Quote of the Week is by Mark Twain; “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”  As ever in 2014 it is modelled by One Youth Dance… Continue reading

Best Dance Research Job Application Covering Note

I was recently commissioned to write a small gift book on the Joy of Dance for Summersdale. As it’s a gift book it covers the whole range of dance rather than deals with… Continue reading

Dance image representing ‘meticulous’ on #WordyMonday

I chose the word ‘meticulous’ for this week’s #wordymonday word for a very particular reason, although if you weren’t there you’ll need the following explanation. I was recently lucky enough to be asked… Continue reading

Alone or Together – Helen Keller #Quote #Image

This week the quote is by Helen Keller; “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. As ever, for 2014 it is modelled by One Youth Dance in their… Continue reading

Álvaro #flamenco #ronniescotts #dance

“I like it when he looks like Jesus” said Cherry, with whom I was at España On Fire at Ronnie Scott’s on Sunday. I asked her because she had never seen Álvaro Guarnido… Continue reading

dance image representing enervated on #wordymonday

Today’s #WordyMonday word is enervated, meaning ‘without vigour, force or strength’ or ‘languid’. I chose the image because of how I felt as I followed her up. It was right at the beginning… Continue reading

Love and friendship – Nietzche #quote #image

The quote of the week is by Nietzche; “love is blind, friendship closes its eyes”. Modelled as ever by One Youth Dance.

Seeta Patel: Subtle and Intense #Bharatanatyam

I’ve just had a short phone conversation with Seeta Patel for something to go with the image I hope will be taken by LondonDance.com. I know virtually nothing about Bharatanatyam but was fascinated… Continue reading

Last Day of Summer Dance Party

I’m not sure what initially attracted me to the Last Day of Summer Dance Party at the Southside Ballroom in Wandsworth last Saturday. It might have been the Lemington-Nejc demo dances (you’ve probably… Continue reading