walk the walk

Avant Garde Youth at East London Dance

Even when photographing public productions with adult performers I’ve found there to be some controversy around what images could be used where. So far I’ve not had the same experience with my images of younger dancers, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. This image serves as an illustration of one aspect of the challenge I’m forced to consider each time I shoot younger dancers on stage. Should I go for more images where their faces are obscured even if the resulting composition is less interesting or go for the best composition I can, as if the performers were adults?

I know what I’d have wanted at that age!
Other options will follow.

This image, taken in 2010 at 60×60 with East London Dance, is of performers from Avant Garde Youth Dance. Taken during an actual performance I was unable to move or use flash and had to keep the number of photos I took to a minimum in order to minimise the likelihood of disturbing the audience around me.