a better tango space

Jubilee tango at Abrazos, London

While I’m no closer to finding just one shot that gives all viewers an impression of the essence of tango, this one says a lot to me for a number of reasons. I like the symmetry of chest and arm made by the dancing couple, the man’s eyes are clearly open and he’s looking in the direction of their line of dance (while I appreciate that someone’s eyes could seem shut when they’re looking at the floor, I wouldn’t want to dance with someone not able to anticipate potential collissions and avoid them, so a lead with closed or half-closed eyes offends my sensitivities on a personal level as well as in terms of the image) and the woman’s head and features appear comfortably relaxed (exactly how I’d like to feel).

Had the dancers not known me they might have taken offence – I had to chase thems and stay quite close to get the angle I wanted (the one I posted yesterday was a result of my waiting in the place I thought would be best for what I was after). So improving images from this perspective will be quite a challenge.