life is a cabaret

Pedro Ruiz at the Flying Fleas production 'Top Hats and High Heels'

The last few days have been mad. I’ve worked as hard as I can, done more hours than is sane, and can only now believe that I might be back up to date by close of play tomorrow.

It’s not just that I’ve covered loads of Jubilee dancing on commission for Dance Today. Nor is it just the outstanding commitments for written features (some of which I’m really looking forward to completing). It’s not even that I need to be pitching more work for the future or that I’ve not had the time to engage properly with the Real Travel people.

The biggest reason is that at a doctors’ appointment at the Royal Marsden last week I was persuaded to take a drug that might possibly reduce the statistical chances of a recurrence of breast cancer. Always a difficult call, especially as I don’t believe the cancer will recur anyway, I thought I’d give it a go. According to the registrar I shouldn’t be feeling any side effects at all for the first 2-4 weeks, but the chronic fatigue has increased along with a muzzy-headedness and feeling of general unwellness. There’s a possibility that all of this is psychosomatic, so I’m giving it another week before making a decision. That has a very definite cost, so if you’ve made a comment on this blog that I’ve not yet moderated, I’ll get to you soon, meanwhile please accept my apologies.

Since it’s difficult enough to maintain my quality of life with the chronic fatigue and accompanying side effects that chemotherapy left me with, if these symptoms persist I’ll choose for quality of life over statistical games (word play on gains) once again.

This shot is of Pedro Ruiz, one of the performers at the Flying Fleas’ production of Top Hats and High Heels I covered during the Jubilee celebrations. I don’t know much about him, but have asked him for more information and will post a link as soon as I can.