versatile surprise

Malike Ibheis at the Top Hats and High Heels Jubilee Cabaret

It was with surprise and amazement I read that one of my new blogging friends CaityRosey had decided to present me with a Versatile Blogger Award. That’s why I’ve selected the image of a versatile Mime artist Malik Ibheis for today’s post.

It has taken a while to find the time to meet the requirements of the award. Of course I have my favourite blogs, but it turned out that a couple of my old favourite bloggers (such as Deby) haven’t posted for such a long time I didn’t feel it was appropriate to put them in my official list, even though I respect them hugely.

So here’s my contribution to the Versatile Blogger phenomenon – thank you so much Caity!

15 bloggers who I’m going to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award (in alphabetic order).

Chenav and Waxou – a versatile double act of spectacular and quirky images.. and cats
Citywagon – a great idea in images
Dancebloggers – a well designed consolidation blog
Minushabens – images from a well travelled man. Mostly Italian, often controversial, regularly black and white
Ms Hedgehog – tango, knitting and other dance-relevant stuff. Good thoughtful stuff alongside a sense of humour and considerable salon tango expertise
Mysteritmo – a photo blog from Denmark. Inspired mostly by love, music and dance
Jim – inspiration, perspiration, religion and cycling from the Forgotten Poet
Piet G – a blog on statistics, law and music. He’s one of the many people who helped free my friend Lucia, and therefore to whom I shall be eternally grateful
Noise of Art – I enjoy his consistency in one of the most regularly updated photo blogs on (mostly) graffiti and street art that I’ve found
Sprocket – image-stories and semiautobiographical images from the most stunningly creative individual I know
Swamprose – idiosyncratic and interesting images from an idiosyncratic Canadian
Tango Commuter – varied words from a real tango addict who seems to have done it all
Xalieri – why isn’t someone commissioning this guy’s stories?
TMK – images from a creative Pole. I just wish I understood the language!

7 Things About Me

1. I love dance, I love photography, I love journalism. Friends familiar with my personal blog probably get fed up with hearing this.

2. I had breast cancer about 3 years ago and am still learning to cope with the side effects of the chemotherapy.

3. I’m currently single and ‘interviewing’.

4. I met my closest (platonic) friend on a dating site.

5. I count one man who I’ve never met to be among my very closest (platonic) friends.

6. My twitter IDs are @C_E, @CE_Images, @CyclistOnChemo and @DancePOTY

7. If money was no object I’d continue doing what I’m doing.  But sleep more.