between the benches

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I’ve been so busy that I missed a post yesterday. Trying to coordinate press access for Big Dance Week would have been enough on its own, but I’m also finishing work for the next issue of Dance Today (the deadlines for which have been brought forward). Yesterday was spent processing the portraits of Darcey Bussell, completing the processing of the Peruvian dance images in Covent Garden, the last few images from the Circus Party in the Old Vic Tunnels, the Flying Fleas Jubilee Cabaret and a few from Jairo Barrull while today has been spent working on more TooMortal shots along with blood tests and trips to the Nurse which were routine but time consuming.

Today I’m posting a series of images from TooMortal (you can find my brief review here and another post here) that should give you another perspective on the performance. If you want more, go to Zoe’s review in the Independent. What a shame they didn’t put one of my images next to it!