faster, stronger, higher

Another rushed day, with a photocall that included Dance GB (the English National Ballet, the Scottish Ballet and the National Dance Company Wales) at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. It was an interesting experience, and a photographer I don’t know (but  think was from one of the nationals) looking for a very particular format for his images. While most of us work with what we’re given, sometimes suggesting one or two small changes, this person pretty much took over. He was quite obviously less interested in giving an indication of the spirit of the dances than in getting something that fit his format requirements, even at the risk of loss of the troupe’s esprit and the shot’s originality. I have images of those arrangements and might post some of them here.

This image isn’t one of those. Nor is it a final result. It’s a capture of the three pairs working on a sculptural group shot that is representative of the Dance GB philosophy – the Olympian ideals of faster stronger and higher – and their individual performances.

Dance GB  has already visited Glasgow and Cardiff and the final performances are in Greenwich this week.