Big Dance 2012 Day One

Hype Dance Company, at St Pancras International

Big Dance 2012 was launched at St Pancras International to much fanfare and with various personalities. By now the launch, and the personalities involved, will have been covered quite enough so I’ll not repeat it all here. As expected, there was more dance than was possible to photograph and I spent most of the day with the Channel 4 film crew on Stage 2. I left them for a cup of coffee, found these guys, forgot the coffee and got my favourite shots of the day.

The guys from Hype Dance Company had come all the way from Bristol to perform several times during the day and get the afternoon train straight home afterwards. I hope they enjoyed performing as much as I enjoyed watching them, as they’re going to be ever so tired for a while as a result. They’re performing next at the Egg, Theatre Royal Bath on Friday 13th July, at the Octogan Theatre in Yeovil for the Flawless Urban Jam on Sunday 15th and then at the Bristol Harbour Festival on the 21st and 22nd of July. Go see them if you can, you won’t be disappointed!