Big Dance Day 5

Hoop La La and the Bathing Beauties - finale

What a relief to not have to post a new image every day! With the full Big Dance upon us the only time I can scrape time to get on the Internet is while I’m travelling between Big Dance events and while I’m sure that it can be fixed, there’s not even time to work out why my smartphone has suddenly stopped supporting gmail.

Last night ended with a trip to the Old Royal Naval College for ‘Cabaret Under Canvas’ at the Big Dance Big Top Tent. This family-friendly event was enormous fun and the only complaint from two young teens I went with was that it was far too short!

This photo, of Hoop La La performing ‘The Bathing Beauties’ was the penultimate act. Circus Space graduates, Hoop La La have successfully appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and have toured the world since.

I had understood that there’d be no photography allowed at the event so didn’t bring my normal cameras, but after the audience had been told not to use flash photography (with the implication that non-flash photography was allowed) I had a go with what the camera I had.