Silhouette: Flamenco at the Peacock

Silhouette of dancer performing in Escuela de Baile School Spectacular

In retrospect it was naive to think that I’d have the opportunity to rest after Big Dance ended. The Cultural Olympiad continues, the Mayor of London’s Summer Like No Other will go on to September and many country PRs are bringing their own national dancers over to perform in the pavilions that are popping up all over London as part of the games celebrations.

Putting that aside, I had known I’d be shooting this event, the Escuela de Baile School Spectacular, since I heard it was being organised. I learned flamenco for years at this school and if you follow this blog at all you’ll know that the way I see dance is still very much influenced by what I learned from Nuria; the school’s Principal. The show gets more and more ambitious every time it’s run, the dedication of staff and students is tremendous and if you didn’t go you missed something special.

This silhouette is of professional soloist Melisa Calero.

To give you an idea of how much fun it was I’m going to share with you a conversation I overheard between two members of the Sadler’s Wells/Peacock Theatre staff;
“So how’s it going?”
“It’s one of the good ones”
“How do you mean?”
“Its fun to watch, but there’s a real buzz in there, even in the rehearsals. Go and see!”

I didn’t anticipate the sheer volume of shots I would take from a two day event like this, and didn’t anticipate the lens envy either. But those are stories for other days.

The preview from Dance Today