Olympics Opening Ceremony – no images, just stuff

I had hoped to blog about an interview between Akram Khan and Alan Yentob, but getting there didn’t work out.

So rather than posting any of my own stuff, here are some of the more notable things I’ve found – or been shown – since.

The whole thing (for as long as we can view it)

3 minutes which might actually stay around

The Wall Street Journal was less than impressed

The Guardian’s enthusiastic take on the volunteers’ perspectives

The New York Times called it ‘weirdly and Unabashedly British‘ (and I agree)
CNN on the young athletes who lit the cauldron (mostly)

Skywalker1964 – the ceremony as a coded message to the Tories
Guardian – the view from abroad (and yes, even if people from other nations got all the cultural referents, they’re unlikely to feel the same about them)

BBC- A Britain as never seen before

Another BBC review


io9 – Are Olympic Athletes really mutants?

NBC ‘snubs’ of Akram Khan

from the BBC

from deadspin, showing the actual performance

Akram Khan’s intentions

The socialised medicine parts (which my friend’s son calls ‘The Dreams’)

The Blaze

Various bits of footage



James Bond and the Queen

Frank Turner, I Still Believe

Isles of Wonder, Opening Ceremony Music

Beckham’s trip under Tower Bridge

ABC News