Flamenco Flashmob Perceptions

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Dancers and audience at the London instantiation of the worldwide flamenco flashmob held at mid-day on Saturday 29th September to celebrate Seville’s flamenco Bienal

Between the first flashmob and the second, while I was talking them to find out what was happening, one of the dancers said that she felt a little intimidated by the presence of so many security guards. A few minutes later, as I was wandering around looking for good angles, I overheard one of the guards themselves discussing with another where the best place to stand would be to give them the best opportunity of being seen on the TV, should the flashmob be filmed or photographed.

I know from talking to the guards that permission had been gained to dance for a limited amount of time and suspect that part of the reason the guards didn’t insist on us all moving on as soon as that time had elapsed was they were hoping to see themselves on television. Whatever the reason, they weren’t about to make trouble and seemed to enjoy watching the second flashmob very much as can be seen by these shots.