Hoops and Watcher (and win tickets on #WorldAIDSDay)

Hoop performer Allie Ho Chee performing at Milo Miles' Tainted Virtue
All images: Performers at Milo Miles’ Productions performance of Tainted Virtue at the Brickhouse

Here’s a final selection of the images that didn’t make it to the article on cabaret that I recently wrote for Dance Today. These images are of Allie Ho Chee, multi-skilled performer and of the infamous Polly Fey. Polly acts as Grand Hostess for the evening; the glue between performances and the lady whose home in which this act is supposed to take place.

Polly Fey, hosting the performance Tainted Virtue at the Brickhouse

I will be taking more shots of cabaret and the circus arts, partly because I have another idea for a feature and partly because I really enjoy the challenge of the bright lights and intimate environment.

Allie Ho Chee on the hoop at Milo Miles' production of Tainted Virtue

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