last and first by Carole Edrich
Image: twelve-twelve-twelcome (c) Carole Edrich 2012

I was inspired to play with my images tonight because of a facebook contact’s update that claimed we’ll never have another symmetrical date again. Since this isn’t strictly speaking true (12th December 2012 is 12-12-2012 and not the long-gone 12-12-12, she would have been better off waiting for 20-12-2012 which is at least pretty). Anyway, I decided to create an image based on something shot at midnight that showed both perceptions of the date.

Then, when trawling the internet to check my facts I came across the hilariously named page from NASA “Beyond 2012:Why the World Won’t End” so incorporated that into my image. Since I had been reminded that the Mayan Apocalypse was predicted to be sometime around now by a wonderful video from Australia, I thought I’d include that too.

Had I thought about it far enough in advance I would have arranged to do something important with people I care about around mid-day tomorrow. Instead I’m off to queue at the Royal Marsden again. So I’ll take a leaf from Australian PM Julia Gillard’s book and sign off with;

Have a Happy Apocalypse and Good Luck to you All!


(I reserve the right to repost this on 20th and 21st December as they are also symmetrical dates and I think one might be the actual date of the Mayan prediction)