Rain, Gene Kelly and Tommy Franzén

Dancers in the rain at Dance Al Fresco in Regents Park
Image: Dancing in the Rain (socially) at Dance Al Fresco, 2008

I’m really busy at the moment trying to get all the important things done before my upcoming surgery. That’s because I want to leave between the surgery and the new year to think, do aspects of work that don’t directly pay and (of course) dance as much as possible.

One of my tasks is to arrange interviews for a forthcoming Dance Today article. It’s a round-up and to compile it I need to ask several dance stars a set of questions. Since we’re coming up to the holiday season I’m asking far more people than I normally would as some are bound to be too busy or already in holiday mode. To date I’ve approached; Bryan Watson and Carmen Vincelj, Glen-Richard Boyce’s parents, Simon Selmon, Chris Marques’ agents and the Sugar Dandies. Next I’m going to get in touch with the charming multi-talented Tommy Franzén.

That made me think of our last (very short) interview, the results of which you can see below.

Gene Kelly article in Dance Today page 1

This is the routine Tommy’s talking about Gene Kelly and Jerry the mouse

If you haven’t already, check out Tommy’s front page showreel. Every extract leaves you really wanting to see more.