Why I’ve not been posting

Marco Tempest at ISE 2013, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

Marco Tempest at ISE 2013, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

I’ve had a desperately busy month. First was the follow-up from the end of last year, then a whole load of consolidation that I needed to do before being able to start this year’s work. I went on a fantastic and very productive trip to Spain to investigate the roots of flamenco for various commissions – and the publication of these will coincide with Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival.

On top of that I had a long-awaited (and welcome) major operation in December. To ensure proper recovery from this I was advised not to exercise for 6 weeks. Since the only thing that works in managing my chronic fatigue (a long-term but – I’m assured – temporary effect of 6 months of chemotherapy for the aggressive breast cancer I had 5 years ago) is exercise, this has had some unwelcome repercussions.

I’ve discovered the lack of exercise has had a cumulative effect. While I felt it within a few days, over the last 2 weeks I’ve realised that my energy levels are decreasing at an alarming exponential rate until last week, while working at the ISE in Amsterdam it was all I could do to function properly and professionally during the working day. When, on my return, I discovered I was too tired even to string a sentence together intelligibly I decided it couldn’t continue. My day has shrunk far too much. Even though it’s not yet 6 weeks since the op I’ve started exercising regularly again.

I’m not doing much, I’m not pushing myself at all. But I have to earn a living, keep promises to others and have energy for family and friends.

As my energy returns so will the regularity of my blog posts. Meanwhile please bear with me – it’ll be well worth your time in the end.