Dance shot to illustrate the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for #wordymonday

Hannah Kidd and Andrew Macleman of Richard Alston's Dance Company performing An Elder's Hocket at the New Wimbledon Theatre, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

Hannah Kidd and Andrew Macleman of Richard Alston’s Dance Company performing An Elder’s Hocket at the New Wimbledon Theatre, (c) Carole Edrich 2013


Some time before Christmas Ms Hedgehog suggested that I use the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for a #WordyMonday dance photography challenge. I had planned to do so in January but life got in the way and this is the first opportunity I’ve had.

Apparently in Tagalog an enclitic particle is a short optional word used to give emphasis in a sentence or phrase. Apparently too, enclitic means ‘leans on’ as in ‘is supported by’ or ‘supports’ as this is what it does to another word. Apparently too, although it can be removed without loosing meaning, such a removal leaves the sentence sounding less full and natural. The same is apparently true in Finnish, although here enclitic particles can be used to express subjectivity or to give commands as well.

I’ve chosen this shot of two of the Richard Alston Dance Company performing one of the three pieces in Buzzing Round the Hunisuccle to illustrate the phrase for several reasons. While an image of either one of them would still be a thing of beauty it is the combination of the two that really sings. The fact that Hannah is in the air is what emphasizes Andrew’s crouching motion. That Adam is low with bent knees is what brings contrast to Hannah’s flight. That they are both moving determinedly in the same direction adds to the impression as does the mutual complimentarity of the angles and lines of their limbs. The composition would also be unbalanced without the side spots and the front spot’s outline and it’s the balance between all that makes the picture one of my favourite of the photocall, even though it’s extremely unlikely to sell.

That’s more than one enclitic particle. Let me know what you think!




Next #wordymonday’s word, ‘lepton’, was also suggested by Ms Hedgehog.