Dance Photographer of the Year – Pre Launch FAQs

Feel like Dancing draft 02,(c) Gavin Ives, 2010

Feel like Dancing 02,(c) Gavin Ives, 2010

March is always my busiest month, with (Move-It, NottDance, Saddler’s Wells Flamenco Festival, financial year-end and more. Although I’ve done better than normal in clearing outstanding tasks, this period is going to be even busier as I’m about to launch the international dance photography competition, Dance Photographer of the Year.

I am currently chasing up on sponsors; while they all committed last year I need to know they’re still in it today. Meanwhile, as a lot of people are asking the same questions I thought I’d put some FAQs here:

Q Is it a photography competition or a dance competition?
A Its a dance photography competition. That means it is a competition for photographs of dance.

Q When is the information coming out?
A When we launch, I should have that confirmed in the next couple of days and am planning it for the last week of April

Q What are the prizes?
A Trips and huge exposure – I have agreements with a whole raft of different sorts of publications. Winners’ images will also be displayed in prestigious venues around the world. The trips all follow the dance travel theme and are in some fantastic places. Where, who and what will be announced when we launched.

Q What about the photographers’ rights?
A As a photographer I too am fed up with rights-grabbing competitions, those that exploit the photographers and those that give nothing back. That’s why I aim to feature on the Rights-On list.

Q How does the organisation work?
A When we have enough money to worry about such things we will become a formal non-profit organisation. I plan to use this in long term projects of social benefit. These projects will be announced at an appropriate time in the future.

Q Single Image or Portfolio?
A Wait and see, it will be announced.

Q How do I find out more?
A The website is not yet launched, so right now you can either subscribe to the @DancePOTY twitter feed, my own @CE_Images, the embryonic facebook page or continue watching this blog.

I hope that helps!