Intense, on #WordyMonday

Opening scene of Noted, part of Yolande Yorke- Edgell's Words Worth, (c) Carole Edrich 2012

Opening scene of Noted, part of Yolande Yorke-Edgell’s Words Worth, (c) Carole Edrich 2012

I’ve suggested this shot, the opening image of ‘Noted’ (Yolande Yorke-Edgell’s new work that was performed at the Lilian Baylis Theatre last year) to represent the word ‘intense’, which was suggested by JokerXL  That this image is far more conventionally composed than my normal shots, is deliberate, as it’s suppose to emphasize the intensity of the dancer at her desk.

Noted, Yolande Yorke-Edgell‘s new work for her company of eight dancers, is based on letters spanning five centuries written by historic or iconic figures. Their themes include humour, tragedy, excitement, beauty and anger. The shot depicts Madame De Sevigne’s day-to-day written gossip, through which a vivid picture of 17th century France in the time of Louis XIV was painted. The piece went on to show Johann Sebastian Bach writing an overly grateful letter to his patron, Queen Victoria expressing the extremity of her passion for husband Prince Albert; Marilyn Monroe writing to her psychiatrist after being committed to a clinic in New York suffering from mental exhaustion (Yorke-Edgell herself played Marilyn) and Hunter S Thompson ranting at film executive Holly Sorensen about the adaptation of one of his novels.

I went to the photo call for Dance Today because Anton du Becke was supposed to be attending. He didn’t turn up (often the case for such photo calls) so although I got a load of nice shots I didn’t manage to fulfil the Dance Today brief.

by Carole Edrich