Midsummer Mindfulness #1 On the moon there are flowers..

Irene Cena in On The Moon There Are Flowers at Camden People's Theatre

Irene Cena in On The Moon There Are Flowers at Camden People’s Theatre

I love my job, particularly the wonderfully creative people with whom it brings me into contact. Tonight I went to a triptych of experimental midsummer mindfulness. I had been invited by the talented Irene Cena who I had in turn met some time ago at the hotbed of dance creativity known as East London Dance.

Illustrating the unfolding of a body and its pathways, rhythms, silence and rest, this performance piece may (or may not) have started before the first audience member entered the auditorium. Amidst an elaborate tracery of paper, objects, sounds and words Irene suggested that her piece; the first of the evening, might (or might not) have been inspired by the death through neglect of one of five goldfish for which a group of flatmates were responsible, that her performance might (or might not) require audience interaction and that unrolled toilet paper might (or might not) be relevant.  I enjoyed the gentle humour, the quirky unfolding of the not-story, her openness to the performance and the way she created and discarded movements, characters and thoughts.

I’ll share my thoughts on the other  pieces over the next two days.