Winding Up the Week

Sharing of Cindy Claes' production 'Is My Whining Winding You Up?'

Sharing of Cindy Claes’ production ‘Is My Whining Winding You Up?’

The last week and a bit has been so busy I’ve been struggling. Not just because I’ve had so much to do but also because although my fractured elbow is healing, it’s still slowing me down.

I gave the inaugural City Academy Dance Photography workshop yesterday and was supposed to be shooting One Youth Dance at a new production in Hornsea tonight. Because I wasn’t able to talk to the two One Youth Dance photographers before the event I sent some advice on basic dance photography for them by email and thought I’d share it here on Wednesday.

The image above is from a Sharing of a Cindy Claes’ new hard-hitting dance theatre piece in the development (although other than being a Dancehall comedy I’m not sure of its final format), one that I was privileged to be able to shoot last Friday.