Dispose on #WordyMonday

Andrea Pelaez Lyons' legs, RADA, July 2013

Andrea Pelaez Lyons’ legs, RADA, July 2013

I looked up the word ‘dispose’ in dictionary.com when Eleanor first proposed the it as a wordymonday challenge and saw the opportunity to shoot something especially for this word during the dance photography workshop I gave at RADA for City Academy.

We shot a series of photographs with Andrea dancing around the lines on the floor while the students went out for their lunch. This interpretation is intended to represent the first four definitions of the word used as a verb that it gives here.

OK, so I’ve not been very strict with the interpretations (incline in definition #1 isn’t actually supposed to be an angle) but this picture definitely is geometric and therefore ‘adjusted by arranging the parts’, Andrea’s feet have definitely been put on a suitable or particular place (the black line in the Ellen Terry Studio at RADA) and I had the idea as I watched her warm up (prepare) and she’s definitely ‘fit’ so I’m feeling a tiny bit smug!

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