Photographic interpretation of Oblique for #WordyMonday

Bryan at Gini Bhogal, Wanstead

Bryan at Gini Bhogal, Wanstead

I have so much to do at the moment, with images for one book to be taken and processed by Wednesday, images and research for another to be finished around November and the normal commissions and features to complete, that I chose this #WordyMonday word this week for convenience rather than challenge. Then I got rather too enthusiastic about it and created an image especially for the blog post.

Ms Hedgehog suggested Oblique as a #WordyMonday word and I decided to create an image that encompasses all 18 of its meanings in the following ways;

  • the subject, his reflections and the objects in the image are not perpendicular or parallel to any given line inside the image (look closely and you’ll see even his knees aren’t parallel)
  • Bryan is leaning forward or backward, so his axis isn’t perpendicular to his base (and because of the perspective the same is true of picture frames and furniture)
  • the individual picture frames and images inside them are arranged so that they do not follow a straight line and the way your eye travels from one of Bryan’s faces to another, and from one picture to another, should not be a smooth straight-line progression
  • if it took you more than an instant to realise that these frames do not surround mirrors and that every image is different, and then to work out the story behind the image, then my oblique suggestion of the story has worked
  • there are several 45 degree angles in this image (at least, they’re as near to 45 degrees as the human body can make them)
  • you can see several rather nicely defined oblique muscles.

That was fun! Hopefully I’ll have time to set out the order of #wordymonday challenges properly next week.