Rebirth: Another #WordyMonday dance photography interpretation

LCP's performance of Rights at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London. (c) Carole Edrich May 2012

LCP’s performance of Rights at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London. (c) Carole Edrich May 2012

This beautifully fluorescent butterfly was part of the original LCP production of Rights at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre. It had been produced with the assistance of a BBC Arts Grant, gained through a collaboration with Bernie Grant and the producer of the show and choreographed the ongoing drama of human trafficking.

I’ve chosen it to represent the word Rebirth, a #wordymonday word suggested by Eleanor Marriott, for several reasons. The superficial reason is that depicted in the performance (since you already know the subject the relevance should be clear). Another of my images of this same butterfly dancer formed part of the British Guild of Travel Writers‘ 2013 Year Book, a different kind of rebirth. The company also took the performance on to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. In different form now, this comprises another rebirth, not least because it has parted company with one of the founding members who worked to get the first grant.

It is this parting and the consequent new beginnings that for me represents the most interesting rebirth. Tempered by experience and more focused as a result, our last meeting gave me tantalising hints of the creativity, sensitivity and drive that will soon be directed to a new and different production. It is this rebirth that is, for me, most exciting.

I know that this word has been dealt with before, but I opened the #wordymonday game to the photography students of City Academy recently and thought it would be a good start for anyone choosing to participate.

Next week’s #wordymonday word is Perfidy