Blessing on #WordyMonday

One Youth Dance rehearsals for Presence, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

One Youth Dance rehearsals for Presence, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

I’ve been saving the word ‘blessings’ suggested by Eleanor Marriott for a while and think it’s time to share now.
I was talking to someone very dear to me a month or so ago. The conversation went something like this;
“I’m old..”
“That’s good!”
“How is it good?”
“It means you’re alive!”

Of course this is true, and of course I’m strong enough to take it, but on Wednesday I go back to the plastic surgeon at the Royal Marsden to see if it is possible to have a 5th post-mastectomy reconstruction (a 6th operation in 4 years) because the one I’ve got is wrong.


I have wonderful friends, the best job in the world, a life and family I love, a mind that works well, a disposition that sees the good in people or situations without any effort, I work in an amazing area full of creative passionate people who create beautiful things, my new projects are poodling on quite nicely and I love my job (it needs saying more than once) but because of Wednesday I’m sick to my stomach with nerves.

Sometimes counting one’s blessings just isn’t enough.

Wish me luck.



Next week the word to be interpreted will be somnambulatory