Pilobolus and panoply on #WordyMonday

Shadowland by Pilobolus Dance Theatre at the Peacock Theatre, (c) Carole Edrich 2014

Shadow Land by Pilobolus Dance Theater at the Peacock Theatre, (c) Carole Edrich 2014

Choosing a dance image to represent the word panoply was easy, since the dancer-athletes of Pilobolus Dance Theater (note American spelling) create such a tremendous variety of things. I’ve written a piece about how they make such wonderful silhouettes with the shadows of their own bodies for LondonDance.com and will put the link here as soon as it is posted.

If you are able to see it for yourself I recommend you do so. The mixture of shadow play and on-stage performance along with imaginative use of lights and projections makes for a dream-like narrative (by this I mean a series of adventures that are related more through the fact that they are instrumental in the Dog-Girl protagonists’s voyage of self discovery than any other conventional way). It’s in London here until March 30th.