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Álvaro Guarnido Muñoz at Espana On Fire, (c) Carole Edrich 2014

Álvaro Guarnido Muñoz at Espana On Fire, (c) Carole Edrich 2014

“I like it when he looks like Jesus” said Cherry, with whom I was at España On Fire at Ronnie Scott’s on Sunday. I asked her because she had never seen Álvaro Guarnido Muñoz; her flamenco teacher, perform before. Unfortunately I can’t remember whether she was referring to my images, his performance or what he looks like in a lesson.

It’s an important distinction. Álvaro is one of those flamencos who transform themselves through their dance. While he danced I forgot his age and build, and saw him as someone much chunkier and careworn, happy, unhappy, demanding, puzzled or angry, depending on the way he used his body and face.

It was a great evening, his technique is lovely with clean zapateo, beautiful movements and of course some faultless fast and furious footwork. Sandwiched between pieces by excellent cantaor and musicians, there wasn’t the time to demonstrate the full extent of his repertoire, and while I’d have liked a little silencio for contrast, it wouldn’t have fit in the format he chose.

The next España On Fire is at the bar at Ronnie Scott’s on Sunday November 2nd and you can see Alvaro at the Green Note on November 21st.