Dance and Humanity, a quote by Rudolf Laban

aadancelifelaban“It’s in the nature of dance that there is a necessity to the relationship of being alive, to humanity” This quote by Rudolf Laban appears self evident, but I like it because it is important to remember the essential humanity of all art. Even the best ballet or most intricate circus performance, with movements that appear to transcend the abilities of the human form, have been created for humans by humans. That they have taken years of discipline, sacrifice and talent make them even more so, as it is in our very nature to strive. So while it is wonderful to get caught up in the art, the lifestyle and the experience as a passive audience member, a member of the cognoscenti or as someone who is participating actively in the intricate world of dance, spare a moment to think of the back story and humanity that has produced it all too. Or as the bodybuilder Tom Platz once wrote; “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”

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