Changing about is fair play

I shot this while giving a Beginners Photography Course because I love the simplicity of the lines

I shot this on one of the classes I give because I like its simplicity.

Over the last few months I’ve felt the need to post about more than photography, travel and the dance world. Health and work constraints have limited that, but I’m determined it will change.

Part of the reason is because now; 6 years after chemo, I have finally become well enough to concentrate properly, part of it is because I’m feeling an increasing need to share my analysis of current events and part of it is simply a reflection of a natural propensity to push myself to grow, and that means change.

Being unwell for this amount of time has really worn me down so I have no way of knowing for sure if my average health is improving. The ability to concentrate over sustained periods still comes and goes, and while my stays at Parkhotel Igls have helped considerably, when I say I am better I don’t mean that I’m well. However, I have high hopes.

I still need too much rest, and sleep too much. The fatigue is still unpredictable and my memory depressingly bad, but I’ve been well enough to read whole books again since the middle of last summer. I think that’s huge. Also, for a few days last week I recovered  something close to my pre-cancer level of concentration, and twice looked up from the screen to realise hours had passed.

I can’t imagine leaving the dance world, but I want back in the world of risk too. I’ll carry on posting my favourite dance shots and the inspirational quotes every Friday. I have plans for 35 more pieces to help beginner photographers and will post them every Wednesday. Then I’ll go on to photography for improvers and then maybe write some pieces for those who are more advanced. I have more to say about other things too, and it makes sense to use this blog.

You have been warned.

Who said x marks the spot?