I really wanted to review Karen Ruimy’s Zik’r, here’s what happened.

Wish I could have shot this show, this is an unattributed image from the PRs.

Wish I could have shot this show, this is an unattributed image from the PRs.

In Brief

Some things aren’t meant to happen, reviewing Zik’r was one of them.

The Lowdown

The last time I reviewed something by Karen Ruimy I was not particularly impressed. However, that was Flamenco Flamenka back in 2008 and I was looking forward to seeing what had changed. I had no idea how I’d find the dance, but knew the set would be stunning and the music evocative and well considered especially since it involved Killing Joke bassist Youth.

I had arranged to go on the opening night, but was too ill. Even now, 7 years later, the post ME hits me badly sometimes – and for two days it had me horizontal and good for nothing other than sleep. The PR was lovely and agreed that I could go to review it two days later. I was surprised and appreciative, the production only has a short run and I would have understood if she had said no.

I arranged to meet my God-Daughter there and we’d see it together. She had to arrange to leave work early to get to the show on time.  I had allowed double the time I needed to get there from a meeting and some extra time to eat, but my car wouldn’t start. My car always starts – really – so while I’m still worried about the car, I was sure I’d get there in time because of all the time I had allowed. Once on the platform an announcement told me that the Central Line had severe delays. I still was sure I’d arrive in time. If the worst came to the worst I’d just skip my snack.  After a wait, it took 20 minutes to go two stops and we were asked to alight, and found the train going backwards later. After more waiting, when it was clear I couldn’t get there in time I gave up and went home.

The PR was really understanding and arranged a ticket for the performance on Friday. That day, two lovely friends were getting married in Twickenham at 2pm. Not wanting to spoil my light-coloured clothes on the tube, I borrowed my mother’s car to get there. Mum needed the car that evening but since the service stopped at 2.30pm and the photos at 3pm, I told her I’d easily get the car back to her in time.

Little did I know! Had I been 10 minutes later I’d have let her down and the friends she was meeting that night. I arrived at hers with 40 minutes to spare before the evening’s performance. When the tube works well it takes an hour door-to-door, so I gave up again and went home. I couldn’t face telling the PR though, so I’m sorry Rebecca. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.


I don’t have any because I wasn’t there. I found someone else’s review for you:



I don’t have any of these either. Here are some photos instead.

Another unattributed image from the PR's dropbox

Another unattributed image from the PR’s dropbox

Nice backlighting here, and another unattributed image from the PR's collection.

Nice backlighting here, and another unattributed image from the PR’s collection.

Does it meet the hype, would I recommend it and would I go again?

Err… Sorry I can’t say. The pictures make it look great though.