Don’t Give Up – Petitions

Keep fighting, today we’re marching and we’ll keep on going. Here is a list of petitions that some lovely people in one of the facebook groups I’ve joined got together. Please sign all that you feel you can.

This is the controversial one, the one that spammers are making all kinds of claims for. Don’t give up on it as we can assume that they will do some type of data cleaning and to ignore the voices of the electorate because of trouble makers doesn’t sound like a democratic or proportionate thing to do.

We need many more signatures see This one was initiated by a Leave campaigner, stating that the winning vote should be more than 60% on a turnout of less than 75%

Other important petitions are:

Expand the powers of the electoral commission against misinformation:

This one is to prevent future referendum / election campaigns being based on misinformation/lies.

An open letter to EU leaders – Not my vote:

This one asks EU leaders to consider the UK citizens who did not vote to Leave, to ask that their voices be heard.

Parliamentary debate on decision to ratify Article 50:
This one calls for for ‘full and frank debate’ on whether or not to invoke Article 50 and initiate the official Exit of Britain from the EU.

Guarantee no change in the status of EU citizens currently living in the UK:
This one calls for parliament to maintain the rights, benefits, job security, healthcare access, education access, voting rights, etc. of all EU citizens currently living in the UK.

Keep the promise of £350 million for our NHS:
This one is to hold Leave campaign leaders to their promise of £350 million per week saved by exiting the EU to go to the NHS .
Note: Most Leave campaign leaders have already acknowledged that no such sum will be saved by the EU exit.

If you want to do more, consider
marching or demonstrating
<a href="; signing petitions

Don’t be put off by others, all of the above are part of our democratic rights. We need to do as much as we can that is legal to counter the racism and intimidatory tactics of those who either don’t understand the law and civil society or simply don’t care.