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The man with his head in his hands above wrote a lovely piece. The comments are interesting too.

Blog post by the man behind Nigel Farage in that photo from the EU parliament.


Potential second referendum?

Branson weighs in</a>

Referendum Claims / Inaccuracies / Misinformation / Lies

    European Movement – Mythbusters


    Guardian – Vote Leave’s campaign director defies MPs

(20/04/16 (pre-referendum!))

      JK Rowling – years of lies

    Guardian – British fishermen warned Brexit will not mean greater catches


    Independent – Why are we so surprised that Boris Johnson lied when he’s been sacked for lying twice before?


    BBC – Reality Check: Have Leave campaigners changed their tune?

    UN declares UK austerity breaches human rights

This one cheered me up although it’s not directly related to BREXIT

Consequences of Brexit

    Forbes – What next after Brexit? (27/06/16)

    BBC – Berlin eyes Britain’s tech talent

    Reuters – EU tells UK single market access requires full free movement (29/06/16)

Racism / Xenophobia

    Guardian – Emboldened by Brexit, Europe’s far right is surging

The Union – Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England

    Independent – Spanish PM opposes EU talks with Scotland (29/06/16)

    Brexit might not happen

Independent – Even though we voted for it, a Brexit won’t happen. Here’s why. (28/06/16)

    Guardian – John Kerry: Brexit could be ‘walked back’ (29/06/16)

Guardian – UK voted for Brexit – but is there a way back? (29/06/16)

Regretful voters

    Independent – The Mail has explained what Brexit means and its readers seem shocked. (25/06/16)–Z1772TI4aNW

    Independent – The Sun has also got around to telling its readers what Brexit will mean, and they are not happy (26/06/16)–WySvafrAVZ

    Huffington Post – Brexit ‘Regretters’ Say They ‘Weren’t Really Voting To Get Out Of The EU’

Relating to the referendum itself

    FT – The demographics that drove Brexit (24/06/16)

    BBC – The result in maps and charts (28/06/16)

Lessons we need to learn

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