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The man with his head in his hands above wrote a lovely piece. The comments are interesting too.

Blog post by the man behind Nigel Farage in that photo from the EU parliament.


Potential second referendum?

Branson weighs in</a>

Referendum Claims / Inaccuracies / Misinformation / Lies

    European Movement – Mythbusters


    Guardian – Vote Leave’s campaign director defies MPs

(20/04/16 (pre-referendum!))

      JK Rowling – years of lies

    Guardian – British fishermen warned Brexit will not mean greater catches


    Independent – Why are we so surprised that Boris Johnson lied when he’s been sacked for lying twice before?


    BBC – Reality Check: Have Leave campaigners changed their tune?

    UN declares UK austerity breaches human rights

This one cheered me up although it’s not directly related to BREXIT

Consequences of Brexit

    Forbes – What next after Brexit? (27/06/16)

    BBC – Berlin eyes Britain’s tech talent

    Reuters – EU tells UK single market access requires full free movement (29/06/16)

Racism / Xenophobia

    Guardian – Emboldened by Brexit, Europe’s far right is surging

The Union – Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England

    Independent – Spanish PM opposes EU talks with Scotland (29/06/16)

    Brexit might not happen

Independent – Even though we voted for it, a Brexit won’t happen. Here’s why. (28/06/16)

    Guardian – John Kerry: Brexit could be ‘walked back’ (29/06/16)

Guardian – UK voted for Brexit – but is there a way back? (29/06/16)

Regretful voters

    Independent – The Mail has explained what Brexit means and its readers seem shocked. (25/06/16)–Z1772TI4aNW

    Independent – The Sun has also got around to telling its readers what Brexit will mean, and they are not happy (26/06/16)–WySvafrAVZ

    Huffington Post – Brexit ‘Regretters’ Say They ‘Weren’t Really Voting To Get Out Of The EU’

Relating to the referendum itself

    FT – The demographics that drove Brexit (24/06/16)

    BBC – The result in maps and charts (28/06/16)

Lessons we need to learn

If you want to do more, consider
marching or demonstrating
<a href=”; signing petitions

Don’t be put off by others, all of the above are part of our democratic rights. We need to do as much as we can that is legal to counter the racism and intimidatory tactics of those who either don’t understand the law and civil society or simply don’t care.