Why I’ve not been blogging, with apologies to Shakespeare

Mirror selfie, taken at Milo Miles' House of Vaudeville, Shoreditch House New Year's Eve 2016-7

Mirror selfie, taken at Milo Miles’ House of Vaudeville, Shoreditch House New Year’s Eve 2016-7

To blog, or not to blog, that is the question:
Whether ’tis better for my work to suffer
the Slings and Arrows of neglected blog posts,
or project plan against a world so troubled,
and reduce risk by understanding: to start. To launch
and more; and through such planning, to succeed.

My projects, despite the thousand natural shocks
our times are heir to, are a consummation
devoutly to be wished. To start, to launch,
to grow, perchance to thrive; aye, there’s the rub.
For in my start-up planning what dreams may come?

So while I worked on my ideas,
there was no pause, due to the respect
that lessens calamity in enterprise.

Now I can better spare the whips and scorns of time,
Time; social media’s foe, the critic’s contumely,
Sharing work I love, I’ll no longer delay,
Blogs on interesting travel, and the spas
that guests may merit and the worthy take.
Blogs instructing those who’d assistance take
with a camera. Blogs on what I think is rare
and good in dance, especially art behind the bright stage lights.

I’m still creating something new of depth,
an undiscovered country, backstage, with much to learn
This blogger, with clearer will
to make them work, these plans I have.

Thanks fly to others that I know not yet of.
For conscience won’t make cowards of us all,
Hear thus the Native hue of Resolution

I’ll share with you, with the pale cast of thought,
my enterprises from first pitch, first moment.
With your regard their currents will turn deep,
We’ll keep the name of Action. So I’ll keep,
you apprised of all, without any orisons. Here
be all our wins remembered.


I haven’t been blogging regularly because I’ve been working really hard on the first stage of a new project. I’m back now, and I’m going to need your help in a while. So I’ll take up my blog posts where I left off, covering dance, photography, travel, spas, angels (though to be honest I didn’t manage to fit the angels into the adapted soliloquy) and as soon as I’m able I’ll share news on my new projects too.