Six Serious Reasons to See Scratch Dat

Flyer representing one of the dancers at Scratch Dat

Flyer representing one of the dancers at Scratch Dat

Rather than not blog at all, I’ve decided to try to use these posts to give you some context to some of the things I’m doing, filling in gaps where I feel they need to be filled. This starts with some great work done by Artists4Artists over the coming weeks. I’ll link to the outcome of my work too, whenever I have time.

Artists4Artists’ coming of age this month brings three events created by Lee Griffiths Joseph Toonga & Emily Crouch for the Hip Hop and Hip Hop Theatre communities. I wanted to get it out there so have just filed a piece with and will be putting another on Huffington Post as soon as I can.

  1. Scratch Dat is a scratch night for a carefully curated group of grass root hip hop artists. In it you’ll be able to see their works in progress.
  2. If you want to tell your friends that you were in at the beginning for the next generation of hip-hop theatre legends, Scratch Dat is the place to be.
  3. ou’ll be treated to brand new works presented by Botis Seva, Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus, Ella Mesma, Tyrone Isaac-Stuart, Jade Hackett, Chris Reyes, Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Gemma Hoddy, Emma Houston, Lara Rose, Bismark Anobah, Joshua Nash, Nathan Lafayette, Jonadette Carpio, Andre Bright and Elsiabeth Yonas.
  4. The evening will also give you an insight into how large hip hop pieces are developed, and the state of thinking that artists might normally only share with respected peers as they shape their new work.
  5. You’ll be surprised at the variety, and much will be an extract of a greater work, or aspects of an idea that the artists want to explore with  audience.
  6. Many of these artists embarked on their first professional development course with Artists4Artists’ first professional development course last February with great mentors including Kenrick Sandy, Kwesi Johnson, Curtis James and Robert Hylton. This is a new way of developing hip hop theatre in the UK and is likely to produce interesting results.
  7. Those presenting at Scratch Dat will be treated to an intense week of development the week after the performances. This is part of Lee Griffiths’ vision. By creating a development week after the scratch night she is facilititating a more integrated development process, which is likely to give us all great pieces of hip hop theatre in the coming years, part of whichis an intense open workshop by Julia Cheng on Sunday 23rd July, which I’ll cover later. Your support will help this continue.

ScratchDat is held on July 21st at RichMix. Book  at

Book your tickets as soon as possible because those in the know have bought theirs already and they are bound to sell out.