Competition: 15 15s

beautiful young woman with olive skin and dark hair, dancing with arms outwards, head upwards and on one leg

Poster promoting competition, (c) Carole Edrich 2018

Compete to win one of Fifteen prizes of fifteen pounds sterling (or Amazon voucher equivalents, depending on location, age and preference of winners) where the winners will compete for an additional one hundred and fifty pounds sterling.



It’s an Instagram Stories competition. I will be launching it tonight and entry couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is:

1. Follow the Instagram account,
2. Create and post an Instagram Story on your own account that shows why you like the Dance Grist app (links below).
3. Tag your story and #1515s so that we know where to find you.

You can post as many times as you like (each post counts as a different entry) and you can win up to three times if you’re only posting on your stories, or up to six times if you post entries on your Instagram feed too. (That means a really creative person might be able to win up to 6 lots of £15 which would also cut the competition down for the £150 top prize!).

Here are the competition rules: 1515s Competition Rules


I’m doing the competition for several reasons. The main one is to get people to download the app (search Dance Grist on Amazon Apps, iOS Apps or Android Play or use the links below) but it’s also a mini proof-of-concept for my new social enterprise, also called Dance Grist. But the main reason I’m doing it is because, as I’m setting the business up to help dancers earn more money, it makes sense to see if I can find a way to incentivise dancers to help me with my social marketing rather than pay an expert. It’s going to be an interesting experiment!

The competition starts at one minute past midnight tonight and ends at one minute past midnight on July 22nd. We’ll be sharing the most interesting, imaginative and creative stories on Dance Grist’s Instagram Stories and will decide on the winners soon after.

I’ve no idea how well this idea might get taken up, who might be interested and who might not. It’s going to take courage and self-control not to push it along any more than I’ve planned, but keeping things running as planned – no more and no less – is what makes it a good proof of concept.

Onwards and upwards!


Find the free app on:


In cases where it’s not possible to award a cash prize (some geographic areas, for example) we’ll award Amazon vouchers to the same value.