The Dance GRiST App and a little of what I’ve learned so far

Maria Pages and Dance GRiST logo

         Maria Pages and Dance GRiST logo


My plans to create a social enterprise to help dancers, movement creatives and the people who work with them earn more money include a free, high quality magazine that is available all over the world.

It’s a big ask. The app itself and what goes to create it have been three years in the making. It was with pride and considerable relief that I got a pilot app out there a couple of months ago, and I was staggered to discover that it hit Amazon Apps Number One spot just 4 days after landing.

Pilots aren’t meant to be perfect. They’re created to find out what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve already learned a lot.

This first issue took 3 months to get together. When Dance GRiST is working properly and we’re releasing issues regularly, getting an issue together should average at 6 weeks.

It’s not like a print magazine. Things can – and should – be tweaked even after the first issue has landed. That’s an important lesson that has been brought home clearly as a result of this pilot issue.

I’ve discovered more. With the way the issue works, that the help pages need to be more easily available and that we need a pinch an enlarge option. We’ve not even started on video content yet.

But I’m sure there’s more to discover. If you like flamenco, dance in general, the expression of art in beautiful images or just enjoy testing things out, please download the app and let me know in the comments below anything that needs fixing or could be done better. Don’t forget to tell me what phone you’re using as that makes a big difference too.

You can find the app at:


I hope to hear from you!