Planning, Patreon and Presents (OK, membership rewards)

Dance GRiST's Patreon banner

Dance GRiST’s Patreon banner

It’s finally happening, I’m launching a Patreon crowd funding page for Dance GRiST in less than 2 weeks.  Dance GRiST is a social enterprise I’ve created to help dancers and movement creatives earn more. It’s a huge project and we’re (because I’m supported by some great friends) are going to introduce you to it in stages, starting with photography and photography related subjects, backed up by the magazine-in-an-app.

The app is for everyone. It is – and always will be – free.

Some of the photography lessons will be free too, to those who follow us on Patreon.

I want the best for the people who need these skills, so will invite experts in to teach whenever they are needed. This will include courses on Instagram for movement creatives, on photography at various levels, on how to choose a photographer and I’ll extend it from there as I go.

I’ve decided to go with patreon for a variety of reasons. These include the way that Patreon will help me get information and training out to the people most interested first. That said, it’s not very well known in the UK and mainland Europe, so here is their introductory video:

And here is the wiki page:

But if you don’t have time for all of that, think of Patreon as a membership or crowdfunding page that, instead of looking for huge one-off amounts, asks for smaller amounts on a monthly basis. Oh yes, and it’s in dollars.

For more about rewards and background, follow @Dance on Instagram at or facebook

(more about what I’m doing at