Want photojournalism experience at POPCITY?

Popcity UK 2018, (c) Josh Rumbold. A man dancing, bent backwards with right arm stretchedf forward in relaxed fist. He has braids and his clothese are baggy. You can just about see the audience behind him and there is a logo on the floor, though from this angle you can't tell what it is

Popcity UK 2018, (c) Josh Rumbold

POPCITY is one of the UK’s biggest hip hop events, with over 450 dancers expected to take part. I hope to cover it in a future Dance GRiST issue and the foundation work for that will be done on the day.

It will be a fun, intense day and I’m looking for one or two assistants who are interested in learning how to work in photojournalism or live dance photography, or who – as dancers – would like to experience what it’s like from the other side.

I’ll train or mentor the successful applicant and there will be a small payment, depending on experience.

It’s an open call, although those supporting what I’m creating will get first dibs. More details – including how to appy – are on the DanceGRiST Patreon feed (www.patreon.com/Dance_Grist), which is visible to patrons only until December 31st and then to everyone.