Castle Ghosts of Predjama

Mood: fairly tale. Huge castle a distance away literally half in and half out of a cave

Predjama Castle. Image provided by tourism representatives.

“When you go to the castle to close up in the evening you hear voices, every word is clear. Sometimes you can spot the people you’ve heard through the windows, so voices don’t have to be ghosts.” said Scientist Sergeja Kariz, adding; “Dripping water sounds just like someone is following you up the stairs!”

“So when you hear voices do you look out to reassure yourself?”
“No, you usually rush out and away!”

Sergeja insists she’s a sceptic and that people who believe in ghosts would never start working at Predjama Castle. When Discovery Channel stayed a night she asked them not to share what they found, explaining; “It’s fine finding ghosts when you can go home to safety but not if you have to work there every day”. A French TV channel recorded real voices and sent them to her for translation but while she said they were undisputable voices, she didn’t understand a word.

Predjama Castle is in the Guiness Book of records as the largest castle in a cave in the world. While most ghosts were found next to the torture chamber, some were recorded in the caves as well. It’s a damp, spooky place where your breath condenses in front of you. The nearby town is beautiful and an eighteen month seige of the castle was only ended after one of his servants took a bribe that enabled the King’s enemies to fire cannon at the least fortified part of the castle when he was not in a position to leave quickly – the castle loo.