Flamenco Festival Day 1, Too busy already

Sara Baras by Sofia Wittert, no other information given

Sara Baras by Sofia Wittert, no other information given

I worked until 2am last night, was up by 8am to finish what should have been done last week. The weekly Skype meeting with James – who does the DanceGRiST social media – went well, but in writing this I realise that we need to incorporate more festivals into our social strategy.

I was so busy that I forgot my doctor’s appointment (travel vaccines for my forthcoming holiday). Thank goodness it’s happening less and less over time, but poor memory is a sporadic occassional long term side effect of my chemo. Realised I had 12 hours of work to do by 3.30pm. Because there was no free time I decided to leave going to the gym until tomorrow.

This is the 16th Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival, the 16th festival I’ve covered and the beginning of classic Flamenco Festival madness. This level of intensity doesn’t happen any other time of the year and is a natural consequence of my determination to cover the entire festival myself with words and images, and do so for as many outlets as possible.


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