Objectifs Danse 9, day one


Ludum, Companie Anton Lachky, credit not mine.

Everything I do at the moment is tempered by Brexit. The feeling is worse in Brussels where I am constantly reminded of what we’ll all miss. So to be totally lost, to be taken away from myself is a gift sans pareil. Quite wonderfully, Objectifs Danse 9 has provided that on the very first day. I was entranced by the lighting of Shantala Pepe’s ‘Alice’, mesmerised by the pianification of rhythm, intrigued by Companie Anton Lachky’s Ludum and challenged by De la poesie, du sport, etc by Fanny Brouyaux and Sophie Guisset. I am still thinking about Companie Karine Ponties’ and gutted that I was too tired to see Golem, as my colleagues are still smiling about the syngergistic role swapping of the contemporary-hip hop fusion role-swapping of Julien Carter with sculptor Mike Sprogis.

For more you’ll have to wait for the DanceGRiST issue on dance in Brussels. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to today.