Coronavirus and DanceGRiST

We are replanning what we are doing to support the dancers, artists and multiskilled creatives we support at this time.

We are working on real things that help – and we’re in the same boat – bring money in, increase their profile and help them in the long term. We will only release or publicise what we believe adds value, and we will make sure that we can add value before we add to the social media noise.

We don’t believe there is a point in using up energy to share and reshare information that others – with more resources – can do better.

So far we’ve been lucky in that all of us have survived, but some of our number have been – and still are – very ill indeed.

We also have a WhatsApp Group where we share decisions and news with creatives. Anyone can join, just send us a message from the contact page with your name, art form/s and genre and mobile number.

We promise more as soon as we work out what we can do that is useful.


If you’re looking for that information on funding and grants, try:

London Funders Alliance pledge to support grantees affected by coronavirus

Arts Council England

Arts Professional

Stay safe and we’ll be back with information soon