Statement Of Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

black square #BlackLivesMatter


At DanceGRiST we stand in solidarity with our black friends, colleagues, creatives, artists, communities and contributors.

DanceGRiST, our culture, our society and the world would not be the same without you. Your voices, your personal work, your opinions, your contribution to the arts, to dance, to our culture, to society and as friends make us who – and what – we are.

We are a family. A family who understands that the power we have is a direct result of our diversity, our openness and our inclusiveness. We will always do what we can to support each other. Supporting our Black friends is a given. We want to help you enrich the world and believe you have so much more to teach us.

As you know, we do not believe in asking people to work for free, so while we would like to turn this blog over to people to respond to the #BlackLivesMatter cause, we will only do so if we can pay you for your work.

If you have ideas about how we can combat racism and discrimination together please get in touch.

Meanwhile stay safe. Whatever you do and wherever you go, please wear masks, keep social distancing and look after yourselves and others. We have to minimise risk to ourselves and keep our loved ones safe to be at our most effective.