Review: P.G. Wodehouse Volume One, narrated by Stephen Fry

Screenshot of book front page that I’ve played with a little

What an excellent narrator for the Jeeves Collection is Stephen Fry. He makes the quintessential Berty Wooster seem easy, carrying exactly the intonation, humour, pace and Wooster-ish-ness that I imagined when I first read the books as a child.

At a time when I find myself questioning everything I do in terms of how I will feel looking back on it post interregnum, this was exactly the break that I needed. 40 hours and 31 well-spent and relaxing minutes in a familiar world with anecdotes that never fail to make me smile.

Paraphrasing Stephen Fry’s forward; the genius of Wodehouse is his characterisation story and language but the books work because the environment in which they are set is not in the least realistic. Fry calls Wodehouse’s Jeeves work; ‘Music Hall without the music’ and calls the milieu ‘A sunlit fabrication’. To be transported to such a place in these times is a gift.

Book available in (on?) Audible.