Emerging Artist Photographs New Talent in Alpha Unsigned

Happy people (finalists of Alpha Unsigned) in the wind and rain in front of the O2 building
Finalists of the new talent show Alpha Unsigned outside the O2, (c) Luax and DanceGRiST 2022

New talent show Alpha Unsigned has announced its eight finalists. The artists are facing the chance to win a remarkable £100,000 record deal with Alpha Music & Records which is an inestimable opportunity to launch their own album by the end of the year with all the support that emerging artists need. The musicians have been mentored by popstar Ben Haenow, headliner and musical theatre icon Marisha Wallace and West End legend creative director Ben Foster, the final is at the Indigo O2 on 30th March 2022.

I am exactly where I need to be. That’s what I thought this morning, on the way to the photograph the TV talent show, Alpha Unsigned. I thought about how many dreams I have managed to accomplish. One was move to London. Another to study photography in a great university. I was so excited to do this commission that the rain and the wind (and it was very windy) didn’t signify. I was focused on my job. My job!  My mission was to shoot the finalists and Alpha Unsigned presenters in half an hour, then start the postproduction as soon as possible. 

What a coincidence! An emerging artist like me, doing the best to follow my dreams shooting emerging artists doing their best to follow their dreams. And what an amazing opportunity for the performers! And what an amazing opportunity for me! I know how challenging is became an independent artist. I was there, I shared the same atmosphere of enthusiasm, hope, and joy. 

Just as I know I need to make more investments in my equipment, to get more experience in the audio-visual industry and find a passionate mentor (or two), they have made investments and have got their experience. This shoot, and the ones I hope to do later, show me that I am on the way. I have started and am continuing the process of becoming a better photographer and filmmaker. Alpha Unlimited will open a huge gate for the winner achieve their dreams, and maybe the others too. I am inspired. I am determined to use this opportunity to build my dreams too.

The lesson I took from today is: You are never alone! So many people work hard to live their dream (their best lives). Unfortunately, these dreams can too easily be forgetting, and so many people fall through life without purpose.

Alpha Unlimited and this opportunity with DanceGRiST have inspired, and I want to share the feeling. So here is an invitation for you. Think about an old dream that you have been putting aside for a long time. Start working now on how to make it reality. As the philosopher Lao Tzu said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Happy people (finalists of Alpha Unsigned) in the wind and rain
Finalists of the new talent show Alpha Unsigned outside the O2, (c) Luax and DanceGRiST 2022