DesperTango – ‘Awakening within Tango’

Sarah Morgan offers the opportunity to join Biologist, Psychologist and Tango Coach Ennio Fioramonti in an interview where he shares inspiring insights into the therapeutic powers of dance.

The close embrace fundamental to Argentine Tango offers a non-verbal, often sub-conscious opportunity to reflect to us how we relate to others. These are perhaps the most authentic expressions of our sentiments which Fioramonti uses to complement both dynamics within the dance, as well as our wellbeing.

Psychologist & tango coach Ennio Fioramonti / (c) Ennio Fioramonti

The therapeutic powers of dance

Fioramonti’s work as a relational psychologist explores dynamics within interpersonal relationships and our wellbeing.  He explains that tango enhances the possibilities for awakening connections through its ability to:

*release from the mind to express through the body

*release from the mind to express feelings

*release from formal expectations towards more authentic expressions more true to one’s self

Working on this level therefore offers some of the most immediate, harmonious and empowering realisations.

Awakening within tango

While Freud awakened our attention to the inner truths revealed within our dreams, Fioramonti works to harmonise current understandings in somatic (body-mind) psychotherapy with those of our expressions naturally uncovered throughout dance.

DesperTango – which literally translates as ‘Awakening within Tango’ – was co-founded by Fioramonti and Adriana Ba Mozzotta to offer exactly this. Together with Mozzotta’s experience as an actor, dancer and educator, DesperTango was created to enhance fundamental aspects to their work:

‘The idea of ​​an equal couple, the importance of improvisation and the philosophy of tango as an expression of freedom, equality and fraternity’

‘We created DesperTango for those open to obtaining a deeper self-understanding through dance.

Therefore, a more authentic dance will be created with more confident, organic and fluid moves.

Couples experience a greater connection with each other and get the chance to experience the pleasure of freedom through dance.’

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Dance in Conversation work to enhance relationships through the connection and communication offered through dance. / (c) Rob Wilson Jnr

This June 15th  you will have an opportunity to hear Fioramonti talk in more depth about his realisations working with both individuals and groups.

‘Every dance festival should have one of his workshops on the first day – that would really change things.’ (Dimitris Bronowski – Author of Tangofulness and CEO of Tango Partner)

Dance in Conversation will be hosting this free, online event as part of their ongoing work enhancing relationships through the communication and connection offered by dance. The topic of discussion is a central passion of Fioramonti’s: authenticity and freedom of expression which enables us to hold to our own values whilst honouring others’ also.

Pre-booking is essential via Eventbrite.

Join a conversation with Ennio as he reveals insights into finding your voice and becoming more authentic. / (c) Ennio Fioramonti

This article was written by Sarah Morgan.