Israel Galván’s La Consagración de la Primavera

by Yoana Kostadinova

Israel Galván is a Universe. He is a masterpiece. A ticket to watch him perform is a ticket right into your heart. That’s because Galván will take you through a 1 hour 10 minute voyage of delirium. An indelible experience that will mark you for life.

Truly a rite

“La Consagración de la Primavera (Rite of Spring)” is a rite. Like it says on the packet. A rite of spring of the soul. Emotion and elevation created simply by his moves. His deconstruction of traditional flamenco, moves he creates and reshapes through his own personal feelings is a marvellous metamorphosis of the inner world. Feel the vibration of his feet, and his heartbeat through every move that he makes. Understand more if you briefly close your eyes. Enter his world where everything is possible. Through football culture, bullfighting and activism he creates a new perspective for those who are not afraid to be different.

A musical echo

The Rite of Spring is primarily musical echo. It has inspired incredible choreographers such as Martha Graham, Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch, and Angelin Preljocaj. But only Galván frames this primary vibration as both liberation and provocation whilst creating all sorts of shivers and quakes. His unique style has become a symbol of freedom. In this piece, his references from folkloric Slavic music to Western musical rhythms have created an art piece related even to Pierre Boulez.

The genius of Galván

The genius of Galván is making this deep and eclectic deconstruction and reconstruction of so many styles into something that moves us. In this we are treated well. Galván,  performing in his full capacity, makes the audience scream at curtain call (and yes, we really do). Accompanied by Daria van den Bercken and Gerard Bouwhuis, these two amazing pianists who vibrate with the same energy as Galván himself  pass his pulsations through our senses into our souls. In Slavic culture we would say: “Pobiha me trupki.” (gives me goosebumps). A rare experience, normally derived from only the best folkloric music.

Israel Galván presented the UK Premiere of La Consagración de la Primavera (The Rite of Spring) at Sadler’s Wells on 25 & 26 November 2022

Intelligent looking young female with dark hair and white skin talking to a microphone. There's a smaller microphone hanging from her neck.

Yoana Kostadinova is a creative, innovative Media and Communication graduate.