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Copy rights and wrongs

An explanation of copyright, creative commons and how to manage your rights as a photographer or videographer.

10 points on image rights and the internet for bloggers

Recent discussions in the Travel Bloggers Facebook group (one of the nicer and more collaborative groups to which I am subscribed) prompted me to write this post summarising ten points to consider regarding… Continue reading

Snap, Capture, Crack – words, photography and rights

When people (who I assume are all professional photographers) took umbrage at a comment I made on Facebook (‘nice capture’) on a gorgeous shot of two sparrows at a feeder, I was forced… Continue reading

How To! References for beginner and improver photographers

A list of posts you might like if you are working on your photography

12 Challenging Facts We Must Live With

Some general non-emotive points to consider in these turbulent times

No Apologies

Why I’ll not post regularly for a while, my reaction to current events and some academic stuff.

Interesting News, Articles and Commentary

The man with his head in his hands above wrote a lovely piece. The comments are interesting too. Blog post by the man behind Nigel Farage in that photo from the EU… Continue reading

More You Can Do #Brexit Protest

Here are some of the protests you can join 9th July, Picnic “Stand Together Against Brexit, picnic in a London park” venue tba 16th July, Demo held rather pragmatically outside Broadcasting… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up – Petitions

Petitions that might help make things better