About this blog

Smiling female with microphone,silver cycling glasses at the RSA

Carole Edrich at the RSA, photograph (c) Pete Jenkins 2019


I’m Carole Edrich, a social entrepreneur, recovering photojournalist, dance photographer, creative and – when I have to – risk manager, programme manager and writer/project manager of well designed, high quality copy.


Photography, the dancers I meet and am working to serve and my own love of dance inform everything I do.

Once purely personal, this blog is developing. It is developing because I am running a pre-seed social startup that is called DanceGRiST.

I started DanceGRiST because it’s not right that people in the dance and movement arts sectors earn so little when they give so much to so many. And it truly is little. According to Equity, the average UK dancer earns less than £5,000 per year. That is less than a third of the London Living Wage!

Since starting work on DanceGRiST I’ve created pilot issues of a gorgeous online magazine (it’s free – on Amazon Apps (https://www.amazon.com/Dance-GRiST/dp/B07DFJZ29R/), Apple Apps (https://apps.apple.com/app/dance-grist-dance-in-depth/id1387413912) and Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dancegrist), curated dance and multi-disciplinary movement arts events, acted as dramaturg, and produced a music video.

The organisation is growing. We’re an international team along with a large number of collaborating dancers. I’m proud to be working with them all. Each person believes in DanceGRiST’s objectives every bit as much as me.

Together we’re working on raising the status and income of dancers. It’s a long-term goal, but we’ve started. And we are involving dancers – and all movement creatives – as we go. If you are in the sector or just interested, to receive all our news, join us at https://mailchi.mp/dancegrist.com/signup.


17th February, 2020