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There are so many fantastic, dance forms around. So many great shows and events. So many hard working and talented dancers. So many fascinating places, intriguing cultures, creative people, wonderful customs. So many ways to photograph them and so many things to teach and learn. No one person can cover them all, but I’m giving it my very best try.

competing in the rain at Vuokatti Dance Festival

competing in the rain at Vuokatti Dance Festival, Finland

My name is Carole Edrich. I’ve specialised in dance, travel, communities and culture for a number of years and recently decided not to travel just for the experience or because I can write about it, but only when I can also learn more about dance or go cycling. This blog started as a place for me to talk just about dance photography and showcase images and words that are exclusively mine but is evolving. I guess blogs normally do. You’ll find a lot of dance and dance travel here and some cycling travel along with a little of what I experience as someone dealing with the long term side effects of chemotherapy. While I have chosen to cut down on travel journalism to concentrate on dance photography and journalism I enjoy cycling far too much to leave it out. I sometimes write about aspects of dance and dance culture because the small word limits I get with magazine commisions mean I rarely cover things to the depth I’d like.

Member of Generation XYZ looks out from Stratford Circus before ELD25, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

Member of Generation XYZ looks out from Stratford Circus before ELD25, (c) Carole Edrich 2013

Finally, don’t forget that this entire blog is copyright. I shouldn’t need to state this so explicitly on the blog because it’s English law but I will prosecute those who steal my words and my images.


Please ask for my stats. Please also note that all the work on this blog is mine. As such I do not write reviews if I can not also provide my own, relevant, images to accompany the words. Therefore please do not invite me to do reviews where it is not possible to attend a photocall or rehearsal to get the images.